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    I need help to understand the following sentence:

    The above shown parts are all field supply.

    Not sure of the meaning of "all field supplied". Should it be hyphened (all field-supplied)?

    The context is the mounting of an air conditioner to the ceiling. There are images showing the procedure and this image shows some bolts, nuts and buckles to be applied to the ceiling.

    My guess is: Le parti mostrate sopra sono reperibili dappertutto.
    ??? please help!


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    My guess is it's Chinese English. :eek:
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    All right, that's funny, coz because my boyfriend (who's Irish) said the same thing!
    But I found the same expression in other files, I just cannot work out a meaning for it.


    1) All field-supplied auxiliary contacts must have a minimum rating of 1250—va inrush and 430-va sealed plus capacity required for field-installed

    2) Electrical Contractor must provide wiring for controls that are supplied optionally and shipped loose or field supplied. All field supplied low voltage wiring must be Class II.

    A manual gas shut-off valve must be field supplied and installed immediately adjacent to the point where the gas supply line enters the cabinet

    3) Field Supplied Items list:

    Number 2) might give native speakers a clue as it is given in opposition to "ship loose".

    Fornito sul campo??

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    It means those items are not included with the unit and must be supplied but the installer. Hence, the nuts, bolts, brackets, etc, are "field supplied".

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