all her nieces and nephews and grandchildren


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I just checked the dictionary and I think I just realized these words are the same in Italian - it says "nipote (di zii)" and "nipote (di nonno)" - but this sounds very cumbersome for what I want to say.

Context: writing to my cousin whose mother (from Sicily) who has been spending time with family she rarely sees in Torino.

I'm sure that her visit was wonderful for you, your children and grandchildren and for all of Zia Maria's nieces, nephews and grandchildren in Pinerolo.

Sono sicura che la sua visita è stata bellissima per te, tuoi figli e nipoti e per tutti i nipote di Zia Maria a Pinerolo.

P.S. It's a BIG family and my Italian version doesn't seem to do it justice. Is there a better way???
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    Forse potresti aggiungere "pronipoti".
    "... per te, per i tuoi figli e i tuoi nipotini e per tutti i nipoti e pronipoti di zia Maria"


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    Yes, "pronipote" means greatgrandchild. You can say "per te, i tuoi figli e nipoti e per tutti i nipoti di Zia Maria a Pinerolo." I know it sounds odd, but in Italian it is ok and complete, even if the family is very big.
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