All his music is/are good.

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Is predicate always singular when subject is uncountable no matter the meaning? For example:

"This musician has written a lot of music, all of them is good." or "all of them are good."?

Or if I put it another way, is it correct to say: "All his music is good." or "All his music are good."?

Thank you.
  • owlman5

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    When you use the noun "music", you should use the singular: His music was/is all good.

    If you wish to describe different pieces of music, then you have a choice among various nouns that describe different types of music: Her symphonies are all very complex. His chamber-music pieces are all beautiful. Their songs are very popular.


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    The situation is not so simple.
    For example: The police are looking for two youths.
    The public have the right to request official documents.
    Such nouns could also be classified as collective nouns. But they are still non-count nouns since you cannot say "two police", "five public" etc.

    Some non-count nouns can be used in the plural. For example: The joys of being a parent.
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