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Hey there! I need some help on this comic book I'm translating...
Picture this:

In a taxi in Palestine, there 's this american journalist who is sitting on the back seat with a mummy and her shrieking baby, and a Palestinian guy (who's looking at the journalist in a friendly way). There's a road block ahead and the baby shrieks some more. Anyway here is the phrase that I'd like you to give me some feedback...
It is when the journalist says...
The baby is crying but Romeo next to me doesn't seem to mind...he's all hot and bothered, there's more on his mind than practicing his English...

Any help would be much appreciated...
  • maxiogee

    The use of Romeo would indicate that the Palestinian guy is looking at the journalist (female?) in a more than friendly way. Romeo implies Romeo & Juliet = love!
    All hot and bothered is both a physical description and a psychological overview of someone in a very tense situation - be it a crisis at work or a romantic opportunity. The "hot" implies sweating and the "bothered" implies a lack of concentration on either what is going on around one, or on the matter in hand.
    There's more on his mind than practicing his English is a polite way of saying that he wasn't thinking of making small talk with the journalist.


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    the journalist is a male... I think that the Palestinian guy is the husband of the woman sitting next to him. still, there's no reason why I should belive that, as there is no more proof in the contaxt about that... I think he is referring to him as Romeo, because he doesn't care about his role as a dad (he doesn't care about his crying baby) instead he just wants to be the "husband".
    I don't know...maybe I'm too innocent to believe that the Palestinian guy is looking at the (man) journalist sexually...

    But thanks, you 've been very helpful



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    Sadazinia, just to tell you I had the same understanding as "Maxiogee" when I read your text ... or that might be because the whole context is missing !
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