All I ever needed was you

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  1. thatswrite New Member

    English - USA
    Hi all/Bonjour!

    I'm trying to say "All I ever needed was you" in French. This is what I came up with:

    Ce que j'avais besoin d'avoir, c'est toi.

    Can I work with this? Is there any way to make the language flow more smoothly?

  2. minerv6 Member

    French - Canada
    Something like the following would sound more natural to me:

    "Tu es tout ce dont j'avais besoin."

    Or more simply put: "Tu me combles" or "Avec toi, je suis comblé"
  3. Mérovée

    Mérovée Senior Member

    Tacoma, WA
    American English
    "Il ne m'a jamais fallu autre chose que toi."
  4. doinel

    doinel Senior Member

    Southern France
    France French
    C'est une excellente traduction mais j'ai un doute sur le temps tu es ou tu étais, je suis ou j'étais comblé?

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