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If I say, "I'll tell you all you want to know", then the translation is "Ti dico tutto quello che vuoi sapere". The word "all" emphasises how much I'm going to tell you.
But in other cases it has a limiting meaning: "I don't know where he went or when he's coming back, all I know is that he left at 6 o'clock".
Another example: "all you have to do is press this button":

My question: Is it correct also in these cases to use "all"? I would be more inclined to say: "So solo che è partito alle 6" and "Devi solo schiacciare questo bottone".
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    The literal translation would be Tutto quello che so è...and Tutto quello che devi fare è...they are both correct, but your translations are good as well, and sound even better :)



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    Your translations are perfect, but in Italian it is correct the use of "all": "Tutto quello che so è che...", "tutto quello che devi fare è schiacciare questo bottone". As you said, it has in this case a limiting meaning, to say that you SIMPLY have to do something.

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