All I want to do is sleep/sleeping/to sleep


Hello there,

I can't seem to find an answer to this doubt I have.

When you come across a sentence like:
All you had to do was work hard;​
All I wanna do is sleep;

It really comes natural to my ear to hear the last verb in the sentence with a zero infinitive form (work, sleep, ...).

I know people say that and it does sound natural, but the point is I'm not 100% sure it's grammatically correct.
I can't find that on grammar books or anywhere at all.

Other alternatives I could think of are: "All i wanna do is to sleep" or even "All I wanna do is sleeping".

Can anyone help me out with that please?

Thanks in advance
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    "All I want to do is sleep" is certainly grammatical ... not to worry.

    We use "want to" rather than "wanna," which you can use as you like away from the forum. :)
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