All I would get in return [is/was/would be]


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If I so much as got near him in order to stop him from hurting my mom and my little sister, all I would get in return (is/was/would be) bruises all over my body and a string of unrepeatable profanity.

Hi, everyone.

It's my understanding that when talking about past events that used to happen repeatedly, I can use "would" as in "All I would get in return..." above.

but I am not sure about what form the main verb of the clause should take.

Which choice would be grammatically correct?
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  • Riverby

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    If I was discussing events in the past, that are no longer happening I would use these tenses:

    If I so much as got near him ..., all I got in return was bruises ...

    If the events are still happening:

    If I so much as get near him, ... all I get in return is bruises ...
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