ALL IIR languages: Happy New Year 2013!

Discussion in 'Indo-Iranian Languages' started by marrish, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. marrish

    marrish Senior Member

    اُردو Urdu
    I wish a successful Happy New Year to all friends reading this message. Peace and bliss in your heart!

    Urdu: !میری طرف سے آپ سب دوستوں کو نیا سال مبارک ہو جو یہ پیغام پڑھ رہے ہوں۔ آپ کے دل میں سکون اور عشرت ہو

    Question (as Alfaaz would do): How do you express New Year's wishes in your language or in a language you know?

    Another part of my message: thanks for Morteza for his selfless service, how often unrewarded and to Qureshpor for sharing his knowledge in so many posts, to Faylasoof for excellent analysis of the enquiries (but not so many nowadays) to PG for still participating in the discussions (too late and too scarce!) to Cherine for her morbid sword cutting in the flesh of wrong messages and to BelligerentPacifist and Alfaaz who don't show up these days and to UM who used to and to souminwé and drkp for the timely response, but first and foremost to all the people that profit from reading our efforts at explaining the subtleties of different languages (I'm sorry if I missed someone. I'm basing my feelings upon the recent activity). And Mr. gagun and chandragupta and kaushalsingh and many more to come... Please express your greetings in the language you can.
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  2. marrish

    marrish Senior Member

    اُردو Urdu
    I forgot to mention many but this one was too important to miss, a real heavy calibre, greatbear who lends us all insights into the Hindi language. Thank you so much.
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  3. lcfatima Senior Member

    In a teapot
    English USA
    শুভ নববর্ষ Shubho noboborsho in Bangla

    And also Urdu but on the Farsi side: saal e nau mubaarak ho aapko.

    Same to everyone. Have a great year and thanks for your helpful contributions. They are much appreciated.
  4. greatbear Banned

    India - Hindi & English
    "nav varsh mubarak" in Hindi. Wishes for a happy new year to everyone from me, too.
  5. Qureshpor Senior Member

    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    marrish jii, maiN hai taaN naaN is qaabil par dil xush kar dittaa e tusaaN ne! rab tuhaanuuN sukh de saah deve, har bimaarii te musiibat toN duur rakkhe te tuhaaDe dushmaNR vii tuhaaDii laaj rakkhaNR! tuhaaDe bachche jiivaNR.


    "mere valoN jehRe vii sajjaNR-belii eh snehaa paRh rahe ne, tuhaanuuN sabbhaaN nuuN naveN saal diyaaN mubaarakaaN hovaNR. tuhaaDe dilaaN vich sukh te sakuun vasse!"

    je mere koloN kise vii dost naal ko'ii vii ziyaadtii ho ga'ii e te maiN os dii maafii chaahnaa vaaN. Allaah kare saahDaa saariyaaN daa e navaaN saal pyaar-mHabbat naal laNgghe!

    saahDe maaDareTaraaN daa kamm baRa aukhaa e. asiiN sabbh ohnaaN daa shukar-guzaar aaN. asiiN puuraa puuraa jatan karaaN ge ke ohnaaN daa kamm sokhaa ho jaave!
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  6. Wolverine9 Senior Member

    American English
    Best wishes for the new year everyone! Here are two more:

    nayaa saal mubaarak

    shubh nayaa/nav varsh
  7. srii New Member

    Sri Lanka
    Subha nawa wasarak weawaa! , in Sinhalese. Late wishes from me.
  8. searcher123

    searcher123 Senior Member

    My home ;-) /The Persian Gulf
    Thanks a million for your kindness dear Marrish. I'm very glad if I was useful.

    And your answer in modern Persian:
    سال ٢٠١٣ مبارك
    سال نو مبارك
    آغاز سال ٢٠١٣ مبارك
  9. darush Senior Member

    سال 2013 میلادی مبارک باد
    sāle dohezāro sizdahe milādi mobārak bād

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