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    mzucchi said:
    What is the Italian equivelant of "all in" when playing Texas Holde'm Poker ??
    If you explain me what that consist in I can try to translate it.


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    Thanks, I wanted to know if there was a word or term used when Playing the Card Game "Texas Holdem". In English we say "All In" when we put all of our chips in when betting.


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    italia italiano
    I don't know "Texas Holdem", but I've played sometimes Poker, of not specified variety.

    If you put all of our chips in when betting you could say
    "Punto tutto": I bet all my chips.
    or more simply "Tutto".

    I know it is a bit too slim a translation, but that's what I can tell you right now.

    P.S.: Other terms of more common use are easily "translatable".


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    that's very difficult because I remember something like that when I was a child and used to play cards with some friends of mine.
    Sometimes, usually in the last turn, we put all our chips in telling something like "punto tutto" as told by Muriel, but I still don't remember. let me ask my brother and then I'll keep you posted.