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I am wondering whether it is possible to use "all-inclusive" outside of the tourism industry. The examples on the Cambridge website both refer to it :
"a seven-night all-inclusive package"
"an all-inclusive resort"

Specifically, I would like to use it about software. Here is my text, rather long, but for proper context :
"Healthcare facilities (...) need applications that are adapted to the complex needs of each medical specialty or each doctor. All-inclusive applications (HIS, CIS) have recently developped greatly (...) to provide functionalities dedicated to each medical specialty. "

If this is not correct (I want it to sound "professionnal"), can it be replaced by "all-in-one"?
Or any better suggestions?

Thank you for your help,
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    All inclusive is used in any commercial situation where price and service (usually) is concerned (not only in the tourism industry, although they use it extensively). I think you can use "all-inclusive applications…" if you mean price, service, software, etc., is one package (offered to the client as one bundle).
    Another way would be to use "all in",when referring to price offers.

    From your context, I might be inclined to use "specifically targeted, all-inclusive packages (HIS, CIS) have recently…".
    This reinforces the notion that the software on offer can be adapted to each medical requirements, and comes as an all-in-one package (if that is what you wish to convey :rolleyes:).
    I hope this helps :)
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