All info VS all the info


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We have all info we need
We have all the info we need

I was wondering what it's the correct one. Also, I'd love to know why.
Thanks in advance.
  • I'm not prepared to address the "why" part, but your sentence should read:
    We have all (of) the information we need.

    What is it you have all of?
    - the information we need
    - the time in the world
    - the tea in China

    I think "the" is required because of specificity. But I'm sure someone else can provide a true grammatical rationale. :)

    An article is necessary because the sentence is referring to specific information -- it isn't just "we have information" or "we have some information"; but it is "we have the (specific) information (that we need)".

    If you remove the article, then it is shorthand, or an abbreviated form that might be common in a telegram, morse code or radio signal. It is not correct, but it is understandable.