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A is my friend. A told me his cousin was going to marry today and I wonder if what I said are right:

All my best to your cousin.
All the best to your cousin.
Best wishes to your cousin.

I guess all three are natural to mean that I wish them a good marriage and happy life, right?
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    Yes, although why would you want to convey your best wishes to only one of the two people getting married? Surely you wish all the best to both the bride and groom?

    PS to get married is more common that to marry.;)


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    A mentioned:

    My cousin is going to get married......

    A is my friend, but her cousin, I don't know.

    But you are right. So I should say "to them", right.

    I wonder if "all the best" is more common than "all my best".


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    "All my best" sounds more personal than "All the best".
    Since you are not speaking directly to the couple, there is no reason to, necessarily, include the spouse whom you've never met and are not likely to meet anytime soon. So, "All my best to your cousin." is fine. Though there is nothing wrong with "All my best to your cousin and his bride."
    If it is my cousin who is marrying then I would be more inclined to include both automatically if I am talking to this cousin.
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