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Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by ThomasK, May 4, 2018.

  1. ThomasK Senior Member

    (near) Kortrijk, Belgium
    Belgium, Dutch
    I happened to come across this term while searching for shortcuts. The word is supposed to be (Ny)Norsk, but I wonder what the krøter refers to (veg is way, road, path, that I know already). Can it be a cow, or cows? Synonyms are welcome too.
  2. Bokfinken Senior Member

    Paris, France
    Krøter (krøtter in bokmål) means cattle, so yes, krøterveg is a road or path used (primarily) by cattle. If the path is narrow, it's typically called krøt(t)ersti.

    I don't know of other synonyms except buveg, which I don't think is very frequently used.
  3. ThomasK Senior Member

    (near) Kortrijk, Belgium
    Belgium, Dutch
    Great information, thanks. So it is not just a cow, it is the general term. One extra question, or no, two: what is a cow in (Ny)Norsk? In Dutch it would be een koe (eine Kuh in German), and cattle would be vee (Vieh in German).
  4. Svenke

    Svenke Senior Member

    'Cow' is ku in both Nynorsk and Bokmål.
    The forms are:
    Nynorsk: ku - kua - kyr - kyrne
    Bokmål: ku - kua (kuen) - kuer (kyr) - kuene (kyrne)

    'Cattle' is either kveg or storfe (where stor is 'big' and fe is 'farm animal', as opposed to småfe, which is mainly sheep).

    Btw, krøt(t)er is historically the same as creature.
  5. ThomasK Senior Member

    (near) Kortrijk, Belgium
    Belgium, Dutch
    Thanks a lot. Perfect information!
  6. Wilma_Sweden

    Wilma_Sweden Senior Member

    Lund, Sweden
    Swedish (Scania)
    Since you tagged it "all Scandinavian languages", here are some of the Swedish related words: cow = ko, cowpath=kostig (we also humorously refer to narrow/badly maintained country roads as 'kostig'). Cattle=boskap, kreatur, fä, we also have kritter (=critter), which I only knew today when I looked in the dictionary! Fä is also used in compounds such as fäbod, färist.

    See also: Boskap – Wikipedia
  7. ThomasK Senior Member

    (near) Kortrijk, Belgium
    Belgium, Dutch
    Thanks a lot, I appreciate that... Just some extra questions if I may:
    - is a stig a path (we have steeg, which is a very narrow kind of street, like an impasse)
    - boskap could be read as cow creatures, you mean? I usppose.
    - critter // Kröter in Norsk, I suppose
    - fa+ bod, fä+rist: what is the second element?
    Thanks again!
  8. Lugubert Senior Member

    I associate "stig" with a forest path.
    "Boskap" will today be used mainly for bovines, but horses, sheep, goats and pigs, formerly even chickens, are sometimes included. The distinction between "hornboskap" (self-explanatory) and "småboskap" (small cattle) seems not to be active today.
    "Rist" is 'grid'. Google 'cattle grid'!

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