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Hey everyone!

According to Wiki, these are the different versions of Mjolnir in Nordic languages:

Icelandic - Mjölnir
Danish and Norwegian - Mjølner
Swedish - Mjölner
Faroese - Mjølnir

How would you pronounce them? (I'd really appreciate answers without ø, I have no idea how to pronounce it :))
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    How to pronounce the word "Mjølnir"

    the j is pronounced as an English y.

    It's difficult to explain exactly how to pronounce ø, because the sound is not represented by a single character in English, and even though you can find words that include vowels that are similar, it's not exactly the same. Examples are the English "sir" or "survey" or "learn". The American English pronounciation of these words is probably closer to ø than the British English pronounciation.
    Another way of explaining ø is the sound people make, when they don't know what to say, in English usually: "uuuhh..." or "eh"
    Imagine also the sound people make when they puke!

    the i is pronounced as the i in "fill", "till" and "kill"

    In Faroese, and as far as I know also in Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish, the r is pronounced - just as sharply in the end of a word as in the beginning of a word - so forget the usual "mjølnuw" or "mjølnuh"!!

    the word "Mjølnir" is divided into "mjøl" and "nir", so it's "mjøl-nir"
    In Faroese, the emphasis is put on "mjøl", and the "ø" is short, and the "L" is relatively long.

    Hope this was helpful :cool:


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    It looks like the name in Norwegian is pronounced like in faroese, except that we have an 'e' instead of an 'i'. The 'e' is, I suppose, pronounced roughly like in English "lend" and "fell".
    Whenever I have to explan someone how to pronounce "ø" I hope they know a bit of French... It's the same vowel sound as in "deux" for example. If you know German it's (surprise, surprise) the same as "ö" (as in Swedish). Apart from that I find it insanely difficult to explain how to pronounce it.

    "Mjølner" in Danish is pronounced with a hard "thrust" (glottal stop) on the first syllable (this is hard to do, and since some odd dialects here don't use it, just forget about it ;-). The mj- is pronounced as though you'd say, eg "mucus", and instead of continuing with the "u" you say the -øl. Easy! :) The second syllable "-ner" is pronounced in Danish as it would be in Standard "High" British (non-rhotic, John Cleese/Hugh Grant English), that is simply "na", the "r" in the end is not pronounced in Danish.

    Could be fun to hear you try it out! :-D