All Nordic languages: "one week ago"


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To native speakers of any and all Nordic languages:

Could you please tell me how you'd say "one week ago"?

As in "I did it one week ago"

  • Swedish: för en vecka sedan/sen.

    But unless you want to stress the idea that it's been exactly one week, I think most people would go for "förra veckan" (last week).
    Thanks for all your replies!

    About Icelandic: a linguist told me that both constructions appear to be used, something which Alxmrphi and Le Viking islandais see to confirm. Any thoughts as to the difference? Different Icelandic dialects maybe? Or formal vs. informal /written vs spoken?
    Sorry, didn't understand that last entry.
    Could you or someone else please translate it into English?
    Hi sukepeth, butra said:
    Fyrir viku is the most normal / natural translation of "one week ago".
    The word einni isn't needed and síðan is a danish loan-word used in Icelandic and (*doesn't sound good).

    *I think

    Annarra orða (@ butra) þakka þér skýra það:)
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