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Is there 'passion' in Skandinavian languages ? ;-) I mean: at I get all kinds of synonyms in other languages but not in Swedish.

So : is something missing - or does the Northern cold suppress (part of) your passion? The less latin the better: think of
- Leidenschaft in German
- hartstocht (Herzenszug, or something the like; the way of the heart ?) in Dutch
- ardore, fervore in Italian...
- fuego (fire) in Spanish
  • It's the same word. You can use "lidenskap" in Norwegian which is the same as "liedenschaft".
    Thanks, I am interested in non-Latin words. Therefore: does lidelse contain the word 'leiden'/ 'lijden', suffer ? Thanks !


    Probably yes. "Lidelse" is an old scandinavian word "lidhilse" originally meaning lidande/suffering, just as is the case with "passion".

    I think that word is a little bit too close to the German/Dutch "leiden/lijden" not to be related.
    In Swedish you can say "följ ditt hjärta", "follow your heart" but that is more about making a choice, a passionate choice or a less passionate one.

    In Danish "lidelse" still carries the original meaning of "suffering", where as our "lidelse" is in Danish - I think - "lidenskab", the very same word as "leidenschaft".

    And then I thought of another Swedish non latin word, "sinnlighet" which has a meaning very close to "lidelse".
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    I'm not a native Icelander, but my dictionary gives the word ástríða, which looks to me like a merging of ást (love) and stríða (adversity). The last part is also reminiscent of stríð (war; struggle) and að stríða (to tease; to fight).
    If you have a look at the Resources thread, you'll find links to many Scandinavian dictionaries (woxikon is not exactly the ultimate dictionary)

    This is a good Swedish dictionary that's recommended on the sticky.

    And yes, lidelse means both suffering and passion. Just like passion literally means suffering ;)