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Hello fellow language people!

What would you call the Swedish cartoon song about "Snoppen och Snippan" in other Nordic languages? Like the English version "Willie and Twinkle", how would you translate it in an accurate and child-friendly way? "Tissemand og Tissekone" in Danish? "Guttetiss og Jentetiss" in Norwegian? What about Icelandic and Faroese?

In my language, Finnish, they would be "Pippeli ja Pimppi". Thank you!
  • Norwegian: There is local and regional variation, as always. I believe tissen is the usual word used about both sexes when speaking to children. Other words can be found, but are not widely used. The words guttetiss and jentetiss would be used when talking to children and focussing on the anatomical differences between boys/men and girls/women. But one wouldn't talk, for instance, to a boy about his penis as guttetissen (din) (instead: tissen (din)). So my answer is that there probably isn't any ideal word pair in Norwegian.
    There has been some discussion about this in Iceland in recent years, but there is now a quasi-official line according to which the words to be used when talking to children are typpi and píka.