All Nordic languages: Treatment of neurotrophic keratitis

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  1. leloisa Member

    Hi everybody! Are these translations right?
    Thank you very much!

    Danish: Behandling af neurotrofisk keratitis
    Swedish: Behandling av neurotrofisk keratit
    Norwegian: Behandling av neurotropiske keratitt
    Icelandic: Meðferð við taugarýrnun sem veldur glærubólga
  2. Alxmrphi Senior Member

    Reykjavík, Ísland
    UK English
    *I think*

    The official EU translation for: "Treatment of Acanthamoeba keratitis" is "Meðferð á þyrniamöbu glærubólgu" but I'm not sure how to render neutrophic so I kept what you put.
  3. leloisa Member

    Thank you Alxmrphi!
  4. myšlenka Senior Member

    Maybe it's a typo, but take away the final -e and it's perfect :)
  5. Merkurius Senior Member

    Hi All!
    I do not agree with Alxmrphi. You say ''meðferð við'' not ''meðferð á''. ''Meðferð á'' is used with patients, animals etc. but ''meðferð við'' diseases etc.
    I cannot confirm the proper name of the disease right now, you will have to give me some time to confirm that! :)
  6. Alxmrphi Senior Member

    Reykjavík, Ísland
    UK English
    I just took it from here (last page).
    Could easily be wrong, but I trusted it because it said it was an EU-approved translation. I am not making an assertion it is true. :cool:
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  7. Wilma_Sweden

    Wilma_Sweden Senior Member

    Lund, Sweden
    Swedish (Scania)
    Behandling vid neurotrofisk keratit
    The preposition should, strictly speaking, be 'vid', which is used about the disease, because 'av' is used about patients, e.g. 'behandling av cancerpatienter'. This is the same issue that is raised about Icelandic by Merkurius.
    Having said that, you see many mistakes like this if you Google it in Swedish, but looking in a corpus (=more likely to contain only correct usage), the preposition 'vid' is more common. My daughter, who is a med student, also claims that 'vid' is the most correct preposition.

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  8. Sebastián Berko Member

    American English and Spanish (Spain)
    Syntes den ser fin ud på Dansk.
  9. leloisa Member

    Thanks everybody!
    Can someone please help me with the translation into Danish?
  10. bicontinental Senior Member

    English (US), Danish, bilingual

    In Danish ‘behandling af’ is correct, as is ‘behandling for’, and ‘behandling ved’. Depending on the context one preposition might be slightly preferable to another.

    Behandling af [neurotrofisk keratit]’ means ‘treatment of [a given disease entity/individual]’. Note: ‘Behandling af’ is used about either the disease or the patient: ‘behandling af cancer’/’behandling af cancerpatienter’ (i.e. the patient or the disease is treated)
    Behandling for [neurotrofisk keratit]’. This means ‘treatment directed at [a given disease]’ and overlaps with the English ‘treatment for’. This is only used about the disease and not the patient.
    ‘Behandling ved [neurotrofisk keratit]’. This implies ‘treatment in the context of/in case of [a given disease/condition]’ and is not used as much as the other two constructions. To be used about a disease.


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