All of the people from around the world, all people from....


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Hello everyone, so my problem is "people from around the world"

So what is the difference between these two phrase, All of the people from around the world and all people from around the world?
I see that they are very similar, and I can't recognize the difference. I would be grateful if everyone could help me ;) .
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    I think you should use "all of" only when using "all" is grammatically impossible. There is really no point in it.

    Example: He scared all of us (or he scared us all)

    As to whether "all of" is correct, I think it is. It is just redundant. If you want to add emphasis, you can always say "every single one".
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    Hello, stevepham. :)

    In my opinion, you are analytically thinking about that too much. :D
    Have you ever met someone who's saying 'from around the world', not 'from all around the world'?
    You should consider I'm not a native speaker, though. :D


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    Now that you two mention it, both "all" and "all of" are redundant in the OP's example sentences.

    However, it seems the asker wanted to know the difference in usage/meaning between the two in general.


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    You didn't provide the complete sentences we always ask for, but I see no difference between these wordy and redundant expressions and would just forget them.

    As a side note, I suggest you avoid the crutch of starting sentences with "so."


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    "You can see mummies from around the world at the museum."

    But this means mummies are not scattered all over the world.
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    Hi brightflame. I'm not sure if "all" and "all of" are redundant or not. Personally, I wouldn't say "all of people around the world", but I would say "all people around me". What do you think, brightflame ?


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    I think the use of "all" is redundant in "all the people from (all) around the world", but not in "all people around me", if you really mean "all of them". If you don't really mean all of them, you should just say "people around me".

    Saying "all" people from around the world is also confusing. If one wanted to say:

    All people in the world,

    it would exclude people currently in space, and possibly dead people.

    All the people in the world will one day be dead. :tick:
    All the people in the world have had their photographs posted. (oh really?)

    On the other hand, saying:

    People from all around the world have had their photographs posted,

    means a number of people from different parts of the world (possibly including every continent).

    If you combine those two meanings into

    All the people from around the world,

    I think it's not only redundant, but incorrect.
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    I found this sentence on the net:
    All of these members helped form the team in The Avengers vol. 1

    Why it is not written "all the members"? When should we use "all of" and when "all"?
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