all of us here gathered for Mass


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I will bless the image with Holy Water and also all of us here gathered for Mass.
Benedico l'immagine con l'acqua santa e anche noi tutti qui raccolti per Messa/per la Messa.

I always have doubts about whether to use or omit the definite article.
I'm not sure if "raccolti" is right here either.
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    I think your translation is fine...
    I just would put "con l'acqua santa" before "l'immagine" (in this way it sounds as the image contains holy water and I guess, instead, that the priest bless with holy water the image...)

    "Benedico con l'acqua santa l'immagine..."

    "Raccolti" is perfect!

    "per la messa". In this case you should use the article...


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    Yes, definitely!
    Even if "raccolti" is right, "riuniti" is just perfect... even the priest says "qui riuniti" during the Mass