all of vs neither of vs none of - exercise question

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    Here's the sentence:

    They have two children, ....
    1. None of whom are living with them.
    2. Neither of whom are living with them.
    3. All of whom are living with them.
    4. Both of them are not living with them.

    The answer is 2.
    I would go for 3, because if we go with the formal rules 'neither' takes a singular verb. And 'all of whom' seems fine here except that I do not know if it must be used for more than 3 things/ peoplel, etc as does None.
    For example:
    Two of my frriends could not come this mornining. All of them were busy:cross:

    Thank you.
  2. The option I would like to use is not there:

    '. . .neither of whom is living with them'.

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    I don't like using none or all with two people - better to use neither or both.
    I don't like using neither of two singular entities with a plural verb.
    I don't like using both with a negated verb.
    I don't like this question because, for me at least, there is no correct answer.
  4. newname Senior Member

    Many thanks to you's. The test setter must have been rather careless. This is a test anyway!

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