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So connection to Mike and John can be made all over the shop: what does "all over the shop" mean?
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    I'd like more context, but I believe it's an idiom meaning everywhere or unorganised. Perhaps others can help clarify, but here's a couple of examples:

    He doesn't know what he's doing; he's all over the shop.

    I'm all over the shop today, drank a bit too much last night.


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    Everywhere in the shop.
    All throughout the shop.
    In every location within the shop.



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    Further to Bil's reply, "shop" can also be used to refer to any workplace, not just one where things are sold.


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    If the context is "so connection can be made with Mike and John all over the shop", it sounds pretty concrete to me. Though I'd like a bit more context to be sure, I would say that "all over the shop" here means "in all parts of the workplace".


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    "all over the shop" is BrE slang for everywhere for all over the place/everywhere.

    It is unusual in this context. it usually connotes some sort of disorder or confusion.

    "I was looking for Dave all over the shop." (all over the neighbourhood/city/everywhere)

    "The cat spilled the jug and there was coffee all over the shop." (all over the place/kitchen/everywhere)

    If the meaning/context is literal, it just means everywhere in the shop.
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