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Could you tell me if there's any difference between "all over the world (around the globe)" and "around the world"?

We have 10 branch offices all over the world (around the globe).
We have 10 branch offices around the world.

The 2nd one sounds a little unnatural to me, but the following sentences sound fine.

I traveled all over the world when I was a student.
I traveled around the world when I was a student.

Maybe they are almost the same?
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    In regards to the branches example, I would only use the second option, "around the world". To me the first one sounds a bit clumsy, coming across as if the 10 offices literally cover the world. "Around the world" sounds better, giving the correct image of the offices being located in different parts of the world. Obviously both would still be understood correctly, but the second option seems to be better, at least to my ears.

    Both of your travelling examples are fine and can be used interchangeably.


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    Just an added note, it sounds fine to say "We have offices all over the world". It is merely when you start specifying a number that the phrase starts sounding a bit bizarre.


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    Natalie and e2efour,
    Thank you so much for your replies!
    I didn't know "all over the world" sounds like actually covering the world.

    How about the phrase "around the globe"?
    Does it sound the same as "around the world" or "all over the world"?
    I'd be glad if you could tell me.


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    Around the globe to me means in various places in the world, when referring to offices, for example.

    But in connection with travel I think that its meaning is less precise.
    If someone travels around the globe/world, they may have circumnavigated the earth or visited a large number of countries (in practice, it's not possible to visit every country).
    If you visit a lot of countries, you can also say "I've travelled the world" (with no preposition).
    Hello romiko, just my impression

    Your business might have extended to the sattelite planets.

    Added : :(very sorry for my very unkind previous comment)

    I think 'globe' takes on a view from the above.
    (Don't you have a globe in your home and spin it?)
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