All passengers (receive, will receive, received, had received)

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Hello, folks.

Yesterday, I had a STEP test in English and I answered a question I was unsure of:

Choose the correct answer( A, B, C, D):
A.recieve B. will recieve C. recieved D.Had recieved

All passengers( will recieve ) free meal coupons because of the delay of flight.

On my answer sheet, I blackened the B circle.

Was I right? or any comments on my questions?

Appreciate your help.
  • Miss Julie

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    Yes, but the words are spelled "receive" and "received." C would also work as well.

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    miss sparkles

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    Each choice means something different, you know that, right?

    As for which is the best, you can't know because there isn't context. I only can eliminate A because the use of "the delay" means that it is a specific instance, so the habitual "receive" doesn't work.


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    Unfortunately, this seems to be yet another test where there is more than one "correct answer" presented in a format that allows only one "correct answer" ("Choose the correct answer"), set by people who do not know English very well. We almost need a separate sub-forum for them because they are discouragingly frequent :(


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    If this is an announcement made by airline personnel at the gate, just before they distribute the coupons, (B) is correct.

    If this is in a article about the delay in the next day's newspaper, (C) is correct.

    If this is in that same newspaper article but is discussing the hotels rooms they were given later when the delay continued, (D) may be correct (depending on the construction of the sentence), because the lunch coupons were given in the past relative to the more recent past event under discussion.

    If this is in a television report, spoken by a reporter as the camera films airline staff handing out coupons, (A) may be correct.

    I agree wholeheartedly with JulianStuart. I speak a few other languages reasonably well, one of them with near-native fluency, but I wouldn't trust myself to write proper exam questions in any of them.


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    Thank you all for your attempts and comments on my question.

    STEP is the acronym of Standardized Test of English Proficiency where one who wants to join an MA master or PhD course has to have it.It is run by the Saudi National Center for Assessment in Higher Education. It is a TOEFL-like test in my eyes.
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