All patients 12 and under will have...

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  1. isabelid New Member

    "All patients 12 and under will have..."

    Dear all,

    I need to translate that sentence, and I keep questioning myself about the 12 and under...should I say:

    Todos los pacientes de hasta 12 años
    Todos los pacientes de 12 años o menos ?

    Thank you in advance for any insight provided!

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  2. Isaac Brooks

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    Creo que las dos traducciones son correctas, pero "Todos los pacientes de 12 años o menos" es mejor.
  3. gengo

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    I agree with Isaac, but it depends on what exactly the first one means. Does it include the age of 12? If so, it is correct. If it excludes 12, then it is incorrect. The English includes children who are aged 12 years and 364 days, or younger.

    I think you are safe with your second version.
  4. isabelid New Member

    Thank you both!! :)

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