All people seem to be extinct

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I came to the office yesterday and saw almost no one there. Some guys were standing in the coffee area, discussing some business matters. I approached to them and said: "All people seem to be extinct in the office". I made an attempt to transform the Russian expression into English one and I hesitate a native speaker will understand if I say it. I meant that the area is too empty on a working day in the middle of the week as it suddenly turned into a wasteland.
  • Glenfarclas

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    You cannot make the phrase work in English with "extinct," sorry. A natural-sounding thing to say along the same lines would be: "It's really dead around here" (note: not "the people around here are really dead").


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    The subject of "extinct" is an entire species, so it doesn't work with plural subjects like "all" or "everyone". With "extinct" you can use "the human race" or just "humans" as the subject. "It looks like humans are becoming extinct. Are we the last four?"

    With a plural subject you might say "Did everyone die last night? It looks empty."
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