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    Hola, tengo una duda en el siguiente párrafo:

    Most prospectuses will have a number of different courses all running under one subject. You need to study the description of each course very carefully for details of work content, methods of examination and entry requirements.

    La mayoría de los folletos informativos tendrá una cantidad de cursos diferentes..

    No estoy segura de lo que significa "running under" en este contexto.

    Muchas gracias.
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    More context would help, but it means that there are many different courses classified under or grouped under one subject area. So, you could have 20 different courses, and they are all grouped under/running under "English Literature" or "Biology". "All running under" is a bit awkward (at least in American English). I would never say it...
  3. intokaos Senior Member

    Thank you very much for the explanation. You've helped me a lot!

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