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Those who have stayed up to date with the recent off topical discussions of these forums might have noticed that the World cup of handball is underway. As such, I've become curious of how to translate the positions of the players into various Scandinavian languages.
I'm not aware of how the English terms, but in Swedish, the players offensive positions are referred to as...

------------------------- Mittsexa ---------------------
Vänstersexa - Vänsternia - Mittnia - Högernia - Högersexa

This assumes the standard 5-1 offensive formation. These translate to left/right/mid+nine/six, depending on the distance to the goal. Additionally, mittsexan can be referred to linje(spelare) - line(player) and vänster and höger sexa as kant(spelare) - flank(player).

The defensive, 6-0 formation, contains the following players:

Vänsteretta - Vänstertvåa - Vänstertrea - Högertrea - Högertvå - Högeretta

I don't know exactly why these are called this way.

So, what terms do you, especially Icelanders, use? Similar ones? Or own innovations? Or some, to me unknown, international standard? Please share.

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    Where is all the Norwegians and Danish people? I would like to hear from them!
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