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Hi all!

I'm a musician and composer and I've taken a real fascination to the folk songs of Scandinavia (Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland, specifically, but any other languages would be appreciated). My problem lies in being able to find song titles because I never seem to know what to look for online. To this end, I'm looking for translations of the following terms in those four languages:

Folk song
Christmas Carol
children's song

Thanks in advance.
  • Lemminkäinen

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    Norwegian (bokmål)
    Hi TarisWerewolf :)

    Here are the Norwegian translations:

    Folk song - folkesang
    lullabye - vuggevise
    Christmas Carol - julesang / julesalme
    children's song - barnesang
    hymn - salme (or hymne)

    Oh, and I can recommend you Gåte, a Norwegian band that mixes folk songs with rock.


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    Folk song = folkvisa
    lullabye = vaggvisa/vaggsång
    Christmas Carol = julsång
    children's song = barnvisa
    hymn = hymn

    This was the Swedish equivalent!


    :) robbie

    Finnish doesn't actually belong to the Scandinavian languages, but since you mentioned Finland there, I'll supply you with the Finnish translations:

    folk song - kansanlaulu
    lullaby - kehtolaulu / tuutulaulu
    Christmas Carol - joululaulu
    children's song - lastenlaulu
    hymn - hymni / virsi

    Hope this helps! :)