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    Praha (Prague)
    magyar (Hungarian)
    Hello, the English phrase is the Lord of Creation, but I am interested if you use something like Russians, thanks.

    Russian венец творения [crown + creation]
    Czech pán tvorstva [lord + creation]

    PS: Do you have any other meaning except: the human being? Thanks,
  2. Azori

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    Slovak: človek - pán tvorstva / človek - koruna tvorstva

    človek = human
    pán = master, lord
    koruna = crown
    tvorstvo = creation

    Also used without the word človek.
    pán may also refer to a man (male) only (rather than humans in general) -> páni tvorstva (pl. form), but this is used mostly (if not exclusively) with an ironic / sarcastic undertone.
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  3. marco_2 Senior Member

    In Polish we have an expression człowiek to korona stworzenia, though we don't use it very often. Pan (wszelkiego) Stworzenia we associate only with God.

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