All Slavic languages: dream book (book of dream interpretations)


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Good morning ladies & gentlemen, here I explained what a book of dream interpretations is. I wonder what you call it in other Slavic languages.
Russian: со́нник
Polish: sennik
Czech: snář
Slovak: snár
Is there any word in Southern Slavic languages?
  • Macedonian: соновник (sónovnik)
    сон (son) m. "dream"; сонови, соништа (sónovi, sóništa) pl. "dreams"

    Serbian: сановник (sanovnik)
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    Slovenian: sánjske búkve or sánjska knjíga.
    Pleteršnik's dictionary (1895) also gives the word "sanjár", but this must be quite obsolete as it does not appear in more recent dictionaries, nor have I encountered it in use.