All Slavic languages: Foreskin


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Something you would probably never learn in casual speech, the word for foreskin in another language. In Serbian-Croatian, word kožica is used, literally meaning "little skin". Interestingly, it can be broadly used to refer to chicken skin also. I believe there's the word "prepucijum" from Latin too, but it sounds awkward to my ears.
  • In Slovenian, "kožica" is also used (with the same basic meaning). And there is also "prepucij".
    The formal word in Russian is крАйняя плоть (the last piece of flesh on the end), but the vulgar, but expressive, word is залУпа (залупить = to strip off, peel off).
    it's only used in conjunction with the verb, for example "шкурку гонять" - to masturbate, separately it's rarely used, unless the context is unambiguous
    Thank you. That's interesting. Are there any other terms?
    According to etymological dictionaries, the words 'płeć' and 'плоть' are of the same origin (from Old Slavonic 'plъtь'), though their meanings diverged a bit. What's interesting, in Polish the word 'płeć' meant also 'complexion' and on the old beauty parlours in Poznań before World War I you could read a note: "Pielęgnacja płci" (skin care).
    Bulgarian - препуциум is the scientific word, while краекожие is apparently the traditional word but I have never heard of it until I saw it in wikipedia. Most you say кожичка, which is little skin.