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    This is another enquiry about a Slavic word in Turkish.

    Please, how do you express the idea of looting (i.e. taking as much as one can of the enemy’s property in time of war) in the Slavic languages? Please give the stress.

    My reason for asking: in Turkish the word plaçka is used (pronunciation: plachka). Again, I have reason to believe that it comes from a Slavic language, most likely Serbian or Bulgarian.

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  2. itreius Senior Member

    Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian has the verb pljačkati which means to rob, plunder, loot (the noun would be pljačka, meaning robbery). The word seems to exist in Bulgarian as well. The etymology of the word is listed here as being Greek.
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  3. nonik Senior Member

    czech...........looting = plenění or drancování

    verb...plenit, drancovat
  4. Azori

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    to loot (v.) = lúpiť, plieniť, drancovať, rabovať, zbíjať

    loot (something stolen) = korisť, lup

    The stress is on the first syllable for all words.
  5. DarkChild Senior Member

    In Bulgarian there is плячка/plyachka

    Here's what Bulgarian wikipedia says about it.

    Related forms: sip . pljačka, mod Greek . πλιάτσκα, πλιάτσικο, Dial . πλ'άτσ'κα, round. plaçka / plâçka, room . pleaşcă, magl. - room . pleaşcă, pleacică, Alb . plaçkë " prey trophy ." According to Ber -5 : 392-3 , Balkan word is a hybrid form, formed the base of the city πλακώνω " push , push , swoop " or Alb . plakós " same " , but that does not explain the inflection or word-formating of prey. More likely prey is occupied by the rom . plaşcă " cloak " or Alb . plaçkë " garment " by replacing the soft -ľa- to -lja-, and these forms are filled by Associate - Bulg . plashty or sip . plashћ " cloak ." Compare to semantically German. * rauba " garment " (> Fr . robe) with the original meaning " stolen garment " (~ nope . rauben, English to rob " steal " ) . In the Bulgarian meaning has expanded from " rags" to " stolen object trophy " and the word has entered back into the other Balkan languages.
  6. Roman A Member

    Ukrainian looting-грабiж(hrаbiž) to loot-грабувати(hrаbuvаty), г/h-vilаr fricаtivе g
  7. marco_2 Senior Member

    Polish: to loot = łupić, grabić; loot = łup, zdobycz

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