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    magyar (Hungarian)
    Hello, this might be a difficult question. There's a Czech idiom "neštěkne po něm ani pes" (lit.: not even a dog gives a bark for him) and it means nobody cares about him any longer. A similar idiom exists in German, too: nach jemandem krähnt kein Hahn, they use the noun rooster. Do you have any similar idiom in your language using any animal, dog or rooster or something different? Thanks.
  2. Panceltic Senior Member

    Slovenian: Niti pes ga ne povoha (več). [Not even a dog gives him a smell (any more).] Alternative: Še pes ga ne povoha (več)
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  3. swintok Senior Member

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    In Ukrainian there is a similar phrase. One expression I've heard is Та й собака (пес) не гавкне, як помре (Even the dog won't bark if he dies). That's the only context I've heard it in, though.
  4. marco_2 Senior Member

    In Polish we say: Nikt po nim płakać nie będzie - No one will cry for him.
  5. Azori

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    Slovak: ani pes po ňom neštekne / ani pes za ním nezabreše (the same meaning as in Czech)

    ani pes sa o neho neobzrie = not even a dog takes notice of him / pays attention to him
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  6. wtfpwnage Member

    People dont use idioms very much in the Czech language.

    Anyways the impression that I get from idioms is not that the person using them is educated but rather 'hickish' and weird. I expect to hear idioms from a 50 year old guy in pub with a glass of beer in his hand 10 times more often than from a university educated person.

    no one cares = nikoho (to) nezajima
    no one cares (about it) = vsem to je fuk/jedno, no one cares about him/her = vsem je ukradenej/na
    no one gives a fuck = vsem je (to) u pici/prdele (vulgar)
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