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Discussion in 'Other Slavic Languages' started by Encolpius, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Encolpius

    Encolpius Senior Member

    Praha (Prague)
    magyar (Hungarian)
    Hello, there is a German idiom der Zahn der Zeit [tooth of time], do you know that idiom in your language and how do you translate it? Thanks.

    Czech & Slovak: zub času [zub tooth + čas time ]
  2. marco_2 Senior Member

    The same in Polish: ząb czasu.
  3. TriglavNationalPark

    TriglavNationalPark Senior Member

    Chicago, IL, U.S.A.
    Slovenian (a.k.a. Slovene)
    And Slovenian: zob časa
  4. Duya Senior Member

    Not in WR world
    In BCS too: zub vremena.

    Are we sure that it's originally German?

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