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Discussion in 'Other Slavic Languages' started by qwqwqw, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. qwqwqw Senior Member

    Bayern, D
    Kaj je pravilneje: srbski oz. srpski? Prosim za odgovor. Hvala lepa.
  2. vianie Senior Member

    Hi qwqwqw, I presume that all Slavic languages except the Ex-Yugo group are having "b" and not "p" in that place.
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  3. qwqwqw Senior Member

    Bayern, D
    Thank you. It's "b" in Bulgarian too. But it's exactly the ex-Yugo group of languages that I am interested in. :) I probably should have written "Are these two forms interchangeable?"
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  4. Anicetus Senior Member

    More precisely, all Slavic languages except BCS and Macedonian -- Slovene also has b.

    Srbski and srpski are not interchangeable. BCS and Macedonian have phonemic orthographies and voicing assimilation is thus reflected in spelling, which is why srpski is the only viable form.

    It's probably needless to say, but note that this is purely a matter of orthography -- the word is pronounced with a /p/ in all Slavic languages, they just choose to keep the b in writing.
  5. vianie Senior Member

    Thankyou Anicetus.

    That's the thing I was not being mentioned when re-writing Ex-Yugo instead of the BCS group. :)
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  6. qwqwqw Senior Member

    Bayern, D
    So it's better to use the "p" form. Is that what you are saying?
  7. Anicetus Senior Member

    Not just "better", it's the only correct form in BCS (and Macedonian, I presume).
  8. qwqwqw Senior Member

    Bayern, D
    Thank you.............
  9. swintok Senior Member

    English - Canada
    In standard Ukrainian the orthography reflects the pronunciation (or vice versa), which is /b/ (сербський). Hearing the consonant pronounced devoiced as a /p/ would definitely inidicate an Eastern Ukrainian or Russian accent.
  10. Duya Senior Member

    Not in WR world
    How do you pronounce [bs]??? (Pun unintented :) )
  11. qwqwqw Senior Member

    Bayern, D
    Yes, it sounds more like "b" in Bulgarian as well.
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  12. Kartof Senior Member

    Bulgarian & English
    No, I disagree, сръбски sounds like "p" but Сърбия definitely sounds like "b" in Bulgarian.
  13. Lanmi New Member

    Serbian - Serbia
    Not what was meant I presume
    "бски" = [pski], while "бия" = [bija]
  14. slavic_one

    slavic_one Senior Member

    Prague, Czech Republic
    Croatian (štokavski, jekavski)
    You wrote the same thing.
    It's really hard to pronounce /bs/, so it would be either both unvoiced - /ps/ or voiced - /bz/. We have rule to "write as it is said", so we asimilate sounds also ortographicaly (in most cases).
  15. Kartof Senior Member

    Bulgarian & English
    Exactly, while in Bulgarian, the spelling tends to stay in line with the word's origin and devoicing is part of the pronunciation.

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