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Discussion in 'Other Slavic Languages' started by Diaspora, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Diaspora Senior Member

    Serbocroatian, English
    In BCS, we say "na oku" (on the eye)to indicate that we want our eggs sunny side up, hence the yolk facing up and intact.

    How do you say this in other Slavic languages?
  2. hinko Senior Member

    slovenia, slovenian
    jajce na oko
  3. TriglavNationalPark

    TriglavNationalPark Senior Member

    Chicago, IL, U.S.A.
    Slovenian (a.k.a. Slovene)
    It's essentially the same in Slovenian: jajce na oko

    NOTE: A literal Slovenian translation of BCS "na oku" would be "na očesu", but the idiom involves a different case in Slovenian.

    EDIT: Hinko beat me to it!
  4. Azori

    Azori Senior Member

    In Slovak it's volské oko, pl. volské oká/oči.
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  5. dudasd

    dudasd Senior Member

    In BCS we say "na oko" actually. :) ("to(wards) eye(-like appearance)" = eye-like, something like that; not "on the eye")
  6. Jana337

    Jana337 Senior Member

    Czech: "volské oko" or simply "očko"
  7. Diaspora Senior Member

    Serbocroatian, English
    So it is essentially the same in every Slavic language? BTW, what does "volské" mean?
  8. texpert Senior Member

    Volské oko - a bull's eye.
    Makes little sense? Never mind. I wasn't particularly quick to take up this expression either.
  9. .Jordi. Senior Member

    If we're taking about this, in Polish we would call it jajko sadzone, nothing to do with oko.
  10. lunito New Member

    Croacia (Rijeka)
    Croatian (hrvatski)
    Croatian: Jaje na oko :D
  11. iobyo Senior Member

    Bitola, Macedonia
    The same in Macedonian: јајце на око ("jajce na oko").
  12. winpoj Senior Member

    In Czech, we also have "sázené vejce" along with "volské oko". By contrast, I have never heard Jana's "očko". Perhaps a regional thing.
  13. Latinoamericana Member

    Jaje na oko
  14. Saluton Banned

    Moscow, Russia
    In Russian, eggs fried this way are called глазунья (glazun'ya).
  15. DarkChild Senior Member

    In Bulgarian you say яйца на очи/ na ochi.
  16. ilocas2 Senior Member

    We always said buličí voko at home.

    It comes from "bulící oko" - crying eye

    "bulet" is derrogatory term for "to cry"
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  17. Selyd Senior Member

    випускнá яєчня
    окáта яєчня
  18. Ottilie

    Ottilie Senior Member

    Romanian(1st) / Russian (2nd)
    Russian : глазунья / выпускная яичница
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  19. Saluton Banned

    Moscow, Russia
    Never heard выпускная яичница.
  20. Ottilie

    Ottilie Senior Member

    Romanian(1st) / Russian (2nd)
    Надо же! Либо я сама охренела,либо такого вообще не существует . Взглянитeвыпус...=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&biw=1280&bih=871Яичница

    Понятия не имею,в чем же разница,но все же такое блюдо и такое название непременно существует,по крайней мере ,бабушка всегда готовила такое блюдо
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