All Slavic languages: table-turning


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Hello, I wonder what you call table-turning in Slavic languages. Table-turning is a type of séance in which participants sit around a table, place their hands on it, and wait for rotations. Thanks.
  • I've encountered terms "столовращение" [stəɫəvɾɐ'ɕ:enʲɪə̟] (the pronunciation of final unstressed -ие as [ɪje], as given in Wiktionary, is actually nonexistent and is just a quasi-phonemic representation) and "столоверчение" [stəɫəvʲɪɾ'ʨenʲɪə̟].
    In Polish it's "wirujący stolik". However, since séances are not popular any more, if the séance part is not clear from the context I'd rather say "seans spirytystyczny z wirującym stolikiem".