All Slavic languages: Words for circle dance


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Serbocroatian, English
Is circle dancing traditional in all Slavic countries and do you have a word for it? In Serbian and Croatian we call it kolo or less commonly oro.
  • Kruhový tanec in Czech. Neither my wife nor I would call it traditional here.
    You mean this?
    Kolo in Slovenian, but it is only traditional to the Bela krajina region (extreme south-east). Other parts of Slovenia don't know this dance.
    It's "танок" in Ukranian, which has now been mostly displaced by "хоровод", a common Russian term for such a dance.
    In Poland such dances used to exist in the past and we called them korowód, but, as far as I know, nowadays you can see them only in the Carpathian mountains.
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