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Hello, how do you pronounce Machu Picchu in your language? In Czech the correct pronunciation is Maču Pikču, but it's often mispronounced as Makču Pikču. But it's not pronounced Maču Piču (it would have vulgar connotations). I found in another thread that it's actually pronounced differently than Maču Pikču in Western European languages. How do you pronounce Machu Picchu and is there a widespread mispronunciation in your language?
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    In Slovenian, most common is probably "maču piču". I learned today that dictionaries prescribe "maču pikču". If not written Machu Picchu, the Slovene spelling is Maču Piču.


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    The Serbian spelling is Мачу Пикчу (Maču Pikču).
    Google shows me "Мачу Пикчу" about three times more common than "Мачу Пичу" In Latin script, counting is hard as there are much more sites or texts. The numbers given on the first page are much different from later numbers.

    Well, the numbers can be different for other users, Google is showing different things to different people.
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