All Slavic: "Serbian by marriage"


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Hi everyone. How does one translate the expression of "by marriage" in a context of "Serbian by marriage."

The meaning is not naturalization or citizenship, but someone (non-Serbian) marrying a Serbian person, or marrying into a Serbian family, and becoming culturally Serbian. It is a case of cultural assimilation, but it's in a diaspora community. In this context, both spouses (and the Serbian in-laws) live in the United States.

What's the best way of translating "by marriage"?

It's fine if the translation is slightly ambiguous, i.e. if it's unclear if it refers to citizenship or cultural assimilation, as long as it's not used more often in the legal sense. The context is in the 1980's when it was Yugoslavia, when Serbian citizenship did not exist, but I want to avoid confusion in the subtitles as much as possible.

Thanks in advance, everyone.
  • Jeki

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    Oh, this is tricky.
    I would simply say "oženjen Srpkinjom" (for a man) or "udata za Srbina (for a woman). But it's neutral and we don't see that someone became "culturally Serbian".
    I'll think more about it. For the moment, I don't have another idea.
    Maybe someone else does...


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    Serbian (Србија)
    Maybe 'posrbio se'. Posrbiti=učiniti da neko postane Srbin, da nešto dobije srpski karakter ili obeležja, posrbiti se=postati Srbin
    Posrbio se ženidbom (m), posrbila se udajom (f).