All Slavic: Your mum! (insult)


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Hello, inspired by this English thread and knowing the expression in Russian (and Hungarian as well), I'd like to ask you which Slavic languages use the mother-related insult.

Russian: I know it is common and vulgar -- :warning: Мать твою! Твою мать!
Czech: I do not think it is used in Czech

So how about other Slavic languages?
  • In Slovenia, people usually say :warning: "jebem ti mater" [jɛbɛ́ːm ti máːtər] :warning: which is an approximation of how it sounds in Serbo-Croatian (we famously don't possess any native swearwords so we swear in other languages). Native Slovenian accentuation would be [jɛ́ːbɛm ti màːtər].
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    In Polish we don't have such an insult with a verb (though everybody knows the Russian expression and some people use it in some contexts). But we have the expression :warning: kurwa twoja mać (your mother /is/ a b....) :warning:, more often used in a shortened form :warning: kurwa mać.
    Is 'твою мать' really that vulgar in Russian? I mean, would it be bleepped on TV? This is a euphemism, right? I don't think it is that serious, I could be wrong.
    Anyway, Serbian:
    :warning:Јебем ти маму/мајку. (Jebem ti mamu/majku) or Маму/мајку ти јебем (Mamu/majku ti jebem).:warning:
    Or it can be like Panceltic wrote, jebem ti mater.
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    Is 'твою мать' really that vulgar in Russian? I mean, would it be bleepped on TV?
    By itself - no, it isn't and it wouldn't.
    That, however, represents a shortened variant of :warning:"ёб/еба́ть твою́ ма́ть" :warning:(which is a largely idiomatic expression, as vulgar as any mat morpheme).

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    That insult is present in Macedonian. You can meet it as:

    Мамата твоја! [Mamata tvoja!] - literal translation: "the mom yours"
    Мамето твое! [Mameto tvoe!] - literal translation: "the mom yours"
    Мамичето твое! [Mamičeto tvoe!] - literal translation: "the mommy yours"