I'm watching a film called Step Up: The Streets.

Here's a conversation in the film:

A: The Collins are like flipping MSA (a school) royalty.
B: Chace (one of the Collins), he's a ladies' man.
A: So he's a player?
B: More like an all-star.

I've looked this word up in my dictionary and it's an adjective basically meaning including many famous people. I'm wondering why this word can be used as a noun and to describe a single man? What does this mean in this context?
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    "All-star" is a pun that makes sense with the noun "player". A "player" can be a guy who loves women and tries to have sexual relationships with many of them. A "player" can also be a member of a sports team. An "all-star" is usually a member of a team of outstanding athletes. In this dialog, 'B' is using "all-star" to mean that Chace is an unusually successful ladies' man or "player".
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