all students must have an ID card


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Does the sentence

'all students must have an ID card'

necessarily mean

'all students must each have an ID card'?

Then, can I say

'some students don't have an ID card'.?

Provided that each student cannot have more than one ID card,

would it be weird if I said

'some students don't have ID cards.'?
  • cutiepie1892

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    Northern Ireland English
    This is very confusing... Basically your first sentence could be rewritten as "all students must have an ID card each", meaning that they all have to have one. I hope this clarifies things a little ;)


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    It is a little confusing, as cutiepie said. I'm assuming "all students must have an ID card" in this context is not a probability statement like, "all students probably have ID cards."

    The clearest way to say it would be, "Each student must have an ID card."
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