All tables in yellow will be domain tables.

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  1. Miss_EAG Member

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    English to Spanish TRanslation.

    Should the sentence: All tables in yellow will be domain tables.
    be translated to:

    Todaslas tablas en amarilla serán tablas de dominio.

    2. Todos las tablas en amarilla habrá tablas de dominio.

    Not sure which should be used or why... any help is appreciated!
  2. La MexUS New Member

    Northern USA
    I guess I'm having a hard time with the word 'domain' in your sentence. Are you meaning the word 'main?' If so....

    Todas las mesas amarillas serán las mesas principales.
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  3. Miss_EAG Member

    Canadian English
    The document I'm translating is with regards to computer programming.
    Domain and table are already translated correctly, they refer to a table as in a figure with many boxes made up of columns and rows.
    Domain as in defining a type (ex: tax type, user type).
  4. duvija

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    Spanish - Uruguay
    Todas las tablas en amarillo, serán/son tablas de dominio.

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