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    I need a suitable translation for expression "ALL THAT AND THOSE" in a letting contract. The text goes like this: "...the landlord hereby demises unto the Tenant ALL THAT AND THOSE the premises described in the First Schedule hereto...
    Anyone has a good translation for that?
    Thanks a lot.
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    Sugiro-lhe 'com toda as suas dependências', ou seja, 'as instalações descritas... com todas as suas dependências'.
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    Tudo o que foi descrito (na primeira lista)
    it you need to refer to two things, the one that has just been mentioned and the one that was previously described -
    all that and those means literally translated "alles das und jene", of course this cannot be used in a legal contract, hence I would change the sentence to

    "The landlord transfers to the tenant all that was described in the fist list."

    Boa noite
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