all that sticky kid stuff


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I took biology my sophomore year, and there was Ms Hargensen, as pretty as ever, but no longer my love. I had switched my affections to a more available (and age-appropriate) young lady. Wendy Gerard was a petite blond from Motton who had just gotten rid of her braces. Soon we were studying together, and going to movies together (when either my dad or her mom or dad would take us, that was), and making out in the back row. All that sticky kid stuff that’s so absolutely fine.
source: If It Bleeds by Stephen King

all that sticky kid stuff is all the typical stuff that kids/adolescents do, right? so what does sticky mean here? Is this a set phrase? not an idiom, right?
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    No, it’s not a standard expression. But it’s one that I expect everyone would immediately understand in the context of presumably pre-teens “making out”.