all that's a bit above my head

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Catalan - España

I'm from Barcelona and I'm reading the book: the Colonel's Lady

Could you tell me about the meaning of the sentence?:

"all that's a bit above my head"

Thank you

  • sweetpotatoboy

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    English, UK (London)
    It means it's a bit beyond my comprehension.

    (Personally, I think it would be more natural today to use "over" instead of "above" here, but the meaning is the same.)


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    This is an idiomatic expression meaning 'beyond my understanding <of something>'.

    If someone communicates an idea to you and you understand it, then you took it into your brain, into your head. If it is beyond your comprehension then it is said to go 'over your head' (rather than into it and be understood).


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    USA, English
    I think I have understood would be "too intellectually difficult for me"??

    It could mean that it was too difficult for you or that you don't have sufficient background on the subject to follow the conversation.

    For example a medical doctor might say to his mechanic who was describing a problem with a car, "All that mechanical stuff is above my head."

    Clearly a medical doctor has the intelligence to understand the "mechanical stuff" but not the specific knowledge required.


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    I remember a scene in "Friends" where Rachel passes her hand quickly over the top of her head and says "whoosh". She was indicating that what had just been said was beyond her ability to understand - and had therefore bypassed her comprehension.
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