1. tonguingaround Banned

    Spanish Argentina
    Una pregunta: is "ALL THE BUZZ" the same as "is all the rage" ?

    It’s ALL THE BUZZ in five states: ballot measures that would legalize recreational marijuana use.
  2. The Newt

    The Newt Senior Member

    USA / EEUU
    English - US
    More or less, but "buzz" is a play on words, because "getting a buzz" also means "getting high" (on drugs).
  3. Hyperpolyglot Senior Member

    British Official English
    It will be more like "pirrarse" side of a buzz with "all the rage", no drugs involved
  4. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    I've never heard the term "all the buzz". I think it's a play on words, as Newt says. I think the author probably invented it for this article. The set phrase is all the rage.
  5. tonguingaround Banned

    Spanish Argentina
    Thanks. What s "pirrarse" ??
  6. Hyperpolyglot Senior Member

    British Official English
    I believe it is a slang word used only in Spain to mean get a buzz from doing something
  7. Cerros de Úbeda Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Yes, kind of. It's slang for 'encantarle algo a alguien', 'to love, to be very fond of, to get a kick out of st'.

    'Me pirran las manzanas asadas'

    'Estoy pirrado por este grupo.'

    'Me pirro por tus huesitos'
    (= "Estoy loquito por ti", frase algo jocosa de los '80)

    It is very common in the UK. But as a different expression. It is 'there is a buzz about st', meaning 'there is a great interest on / excitement about st'.

    It is not the same as 'all the rage'. It is not 'to be in fashion' (= 'to be all the rage'), but 'to be a focus of attention'.
    I think they get confused in this case because they look similar, from the fact that 'the buzz' is preceded by the intensifier 'all', but this is not a part of the phrase itself.

    - What is (all) the buzz with this new singer?
    - ¿Por qué hay tanto interés por este cantante nuevo?

    - It's all THE BUZZ in five states.
    - Está generando interés / noticia en cinco estados.
    (generando atención)
    (dando que hablar / causando revuelo)
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